Dagmar Breiling

Dagmar Breiling 2Dagmar Breiling is the founder and Senior Funding Strategist at Funding Connection, a company which helps South African entrepreneurs access funding for start-ups and expansions.

Dagmar holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Kiel, Germany. After a decade in the service and retail industry, she worked at an Economic Development Corporation in Germany as a Project Manager, where she offered support to start-ups as well as existing companies. She also lectured and created workshops on various business topics.

During her corporate career, she offered a variety of internships and apprenticeships for disadvantaged young people. She was instrumental in starting up different restaurants, and due to her reputation for developing successful business concepts, she was approached by numerous companies, including the Deutsche Telekom for assistance.

Moving to South Africa in 2008, she has worked with many companies helping them accessing grants and loans from local and international organizations and government departments. Dagmar is passionate about business, service and commitment, and she has an exceptional ability to guide entrepreneurs and analyze opportunities for business establishment or expansion.


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